Able Valley Farm

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Shere Country EX Suzy Q
DOB:  4/3/08

8/27/13:  Tested for CAE - results negative

10/9/14:  Tested for Johnes - results negative

2010 LA:  88 VVVV (89 is the highest a first freshener can receive)

2012 LA:  87 V+VV

Although not a flashy doe, Suzy Q has a quiet, understated beauty that you can't help but notice.   Her udder has nice-sized, plumb teats with open orifices, a nice medial, excellent attachments, and she milks out completely.  Better photo and udder photos coming in 2015!

Suzy's paternal granddam, Madison, was 2009 AGS #9 High Milk, #9 Butterfat, #9 Protein for 305 DHIR!

Suzy Q placed 6th as a 5 year old in her class at the ADGA Nationals in Minnesota 7/11/2013 and her daughter, Able Valley Farm Dairy Queen, owned by Sandi Gregorich, placed 6th as a Junior in her class as well!

Show Wins:

7/11/13:  6th place milker in 5-yr-old class at ADGA National Show!

6/4/11:  1st place milker in 3-yr-old class at CVDGA Show in Ladysmith, Wisconsin

Color Genetics:

Suzy Q is a brown and black buckskin patterned doe and she also carries black.

Kidding History:

04/02/10:  Triplets - 3 does sired by NC Promisedland RC Obama *S *B

03/09/11:  Triplets - 2 bucks/1 doe sired by Dill's XM Big Bopper

04/17/12:  Twins - 1 buck/1 doe sired by + *B SG Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip *S

03/18/13:  Triplets - 3 does sired by Grasse Acres Elvis

2014:   Didn't settle

Progeny in our herd:

Able Valley Farm E Diamond Dee

See her extended pedigree here:  Suzy Q's Pedigree

S: Lost Valley KW Excaliber *S 

SS: Gay-Mors RA Kingwood ++ *S

SD:  ARMCH Lost Valley RTW Madison 3*D AR2166

D: Piddlin Acres V RickyJoleen

DS: Piddlin Acres WB Viagra *S 'E'

DD: Little Rascals Funny Face