Able Valley Farm

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Updated: 2/7/2020

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Senior Bucks

Aubrey's Acres Candy Crush

Aubrey's Acres Pherrari X CH The Schifsky's TLC Farm Snick

Able Valley Farm Kingwood

Aubreys Acres Candy Crush X SG Shere Country MP Bollywood 'E90'

Sire: Aubreys Acres Candy Crush

Sire's sire:: Aubreys Acres Pherrari

Sire's dam: CH The Schifsky's TLC Farm Snick

Dam: SG Shere Country MP Bollywood E90'

Dam's dam: Dancing Angels Masquerade 'VG89'

Dam's sire: TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S 'E90'

Junior Bucks

Able Valley Farm Luke
Able Valley Farm Kingwood X Able Valley Farm Emma

Able Valley Farm Lancelot

Able Valley Farm Justicewood X Able Valley Farm Freckles

New guy's from Shere Country Farm, Shere Country Jazzy Jeans and 
Shere Country Sirius Black 

Reference Bucks

CH AGS Grasse Acres Elvis 

Grasse Acres Sweetie X Kaapio Acres Rip Tide 'VG88'

deceased  2019 RIP

Able Valley Farm Justicewood - Sold

Shere Country ZU Fantango X SG Shere Country MP Bollywood 'E90'

Able Valley Farm Mr. Moon - sold

Able Valley Farm Elvis' Flash X Able Valley Farm ALJ Moon Beam

Shere Country OB Alejandro - VVE88 - deceased

SG Silveraurora SB Xplicit 'E90' X *B NC PromisedLand RC Obama *S

deceased 5/25/17

Avian Acres WNR Pierre - 'VG88'  Sold

CH MI Sugarcreek C Widget X MI Sugarcreek WM Youra Winner 'E90'

Haycreeks Wildman Excalibur 

Haycreeks EXPO Harper X Wood & Stream WCL Wildman

Shere Country UFO Camelot - Sold

Shere Country MP Bali Ha'i X *B Rosasharn TL Unforgettable Man 'VG89'

Babel Brook Acres Clark Gable - Sold

Old Mountain Farm Jana Marie X TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S 'E90'

Able Valley Farm Jumpin' Jack Sold

Shere Country ZU Fantango X Able Valley Farm CG Dollywood

Able Valley Farm Mr. Johnson - Sold

Shere Country ZU Fantango X Able Valley Farm CG Dollywood


Able Valley Farm Flash - Sold

CH AGS Grasse Acres Elvis X Heidi's Mini Acres Betsy 

Shere Country ZU Fantango - Sold

4*M Hannaha's NeHi Ariel *D AR2384 X Proctor Hill Farm BO Zumba

Wood & Stream WCL Wildman

MI Sugarcreek 5C Wild Card X Avian Acres WVL Achilles