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Care of our goats/kids.

First and foremost our animals are treated humanely. We are committed to making sure they have what they need when they need it.  All the animals on our farm are given individual attention and care.  

We feed our animals on pure pasture grass all summer long with fresh water and free-choice loose minerals. Each species gets minerals that is formulated just for them.  During the winter or when the pastures are no longer producing, we feed a mix grass alfalfa hay.  

I watch body condition and check by feeling the spinal areas and briskit areas.  With their winter coats it's not always possible to see that they are either underweight or overweight.  Any condition that is considered poor can cause problems at birthing time as well as increase risk of illness or disease.  

I use grain only if my animals are not in top condition and to "flush" before breeding. I also give some after giving birth to pump up the doe after all her hard work (and some molasses in her water for an iron pick-me-up and treat).  If mom has multiple kids, I'll continue to supplement with grain to keep her in good condition as well as to maintain a good growth rate of her off-spring.  

Clostridium Perfingens Types C and D with Tetanus Toxoid, also know as CD &T, are given each spring or in the case of pregnant does, 4 - 6 weeks before expected kidding. This vaccine helps them maintain the correct bacteria in their rumens. It helps to prevent bloat, a common problem goats, that can cause death.  

I'm probably leaving something out, but I will continue to try to improve my site and give as much information as I can.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my pages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. or 218-966-7199

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