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More than you probably wanted to know. 

What to tell you?  Humm...well, I love what I am doing.  I took an early retirement so that I could start this farm.  Some say I must be nuts, maybe so.  But each new day brings satisfaction with a reality that you just can't get sitting around and looking out a window to see what your neighbor is doing.  When I look out our windows I see the wondrous animals of our valley grazing or romping in a relaxed atmosphere designed for their comfort and happiness.  

My husband and I started off with just 5 Katahdin sheep, and 1 horse housed in one small loafing shed on only about 1 acre of fenced in pasture.  My husband had retired, so he lived part time at the farm in a small travel trailer with our dog while I lived up north waiting to retire. We now have 46 animals, which includes the original 7.  So what have we added? More sheep, goats, cats, chickens, guineas, another horse, another dog and a llama! Update:  No more chickens, no more sheep, no more llama.  We have added a LGD, named Rayne to protect our goats. We now have about 10 acres of fenced pastures. With rotational grazing in mind.  The goat count is at 30 with more expected within a month.  Kidding is my favorite time of year.  

The barn was built in 2010 and an automatic waterer was installed.  Last fall we added another automatic waterer and added on to the barn for the additonal animals we have been acquiring.  The add on is still not sided so we have had to put up tarps for wind breaks. This year the steel siding should be installed. The spring of 2012, the good Lord willing, we should have new lambs and kids that just might double our flock!  Update:  all the sheep have been sold and we now are concentrating on Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.  

I suppose I could mention that our house construction started in 2009 and is still not complete.  The animals come first you know.  Some day we'll have a finished house and yard.  As well as a garage, but for now we work outside in the summer as much as we can and work on the house in the winter when the weather is not so hospitable.  Update:  The house is still unfinished, but the barn is coming along nicely.  LOL priorities.  

Oh yes, I do have a garden each summer, what produce we don't eat or preserve, I sell or share. I even have a few apple trees and berry bushes.   Not much lawn yet, but in time that too will come. I love the perennials that I planted so far too, with plans to add many more.  I will try to post pics as we make improvements.  Update: we let the goats roam in the yard in summer and they love my perennials.  Oh well, I'm not too worried.  They enjoy the difference greens in their diet.  :)

I have ADGA and AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf goats and lavender guineas.  My goal is to sell quality animals that have been raised in humane conditions and animal products all free from chemicals.  The other animals on the farm are pets, eye candy or guardians.    

 My farm is registered with the Department of Agriculture and I participate in the Scrapies Control Program.  I am also a member of the American Dairy Goat Association; ADGA, and the American Goat Society; AGS.  

That's about it for now.  God bless us one and all!    


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